Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thank you Martin Honey

AWESOME Martin Honey !!! AYRA is your Blind Orphan!
Ayra doesn't know about his surgery yet but with your sponsored $450 Eye surgery he should be able to see for the 1st time sometime soon!
I am hoping to be able to get a video of him after surgery seeing for the 1st time! Fingers crossed. AYRA is a really brave kid and even though he is blind, plays football, music and is one of the 8 fortunate Orphans from our partner Blind Orphanage that we have discovered that like Ayra that with surgery will see!
If there are any 'work groups' 'church groups' that might want to sponsor a Blind Orphan we have 7 to go. Thanks again
— with Gede Bingin

Monday, October 21, 2013

Legs for Pira

August 30, 2013 PIRA'S UPDATE:
Dear All, lovely wife Stacee whose in Australia tells me we have linked Pira up with a wonderful trust - the doctors have seen the video and it will be a year of work. Pira's knees have become feet and with the bone protruding operations will be required. Healing will take time requiring the growth of strong skin. Then the prosthetic legs and at a later date hopefully even some running feet. (a lot of you will now more about this than me)

We will have to contribute in some areas - an anaesthetist - transport - a wheel chair for a while maybe also doctors in Sumbawa and at the end a pair of special 'running feet'. This is Pira and her mother and fathers dream, to run and I feel lumps in my throat hoping we can get her as far as this. My intention is to give her the best possible chance to her dreams, which a lot of us now also share.

LASTLY I CANT STRESS ENOUGH THE VALUE SHARING ON FACE BOOK - FOR ANYONE DOING A GOOD PROJECT, FB IS SO POWERFUL - small amounts of money by a lot of people is a true blessing in more ways than money. Thanks so much.

PS Check out Pira's slowly growing amount of $ funding, which Mark Baldwin kindly set up.

'LEGS FOR PIRA' UPDATE: 2nd Surgery success! and now back to Dugong Village to heal and grow strong for her new legs! For all who maybe following & supporting Pira, (who lost her legs in a bus accident when she was 2 yrs) - all is going well & she is in good hands with the John Fawcett Foundation surgeons completing her second operation.

Pira's family village has gained a huge faith in people, they all extend a real warmth and thank you for your belief & help with their smartest student.
See Pira's Villlage:
Video of Pira in her village:

PS If anybody wants to help Pira we have a online funding going.