Friday, November 29, 2013

Tom restoring eyesight to blind orphans


I am really proud of Tom, Kate, Michael & Mark - Why? In a world that is sadly disconnected from poor & needy people, these guys have rare DNA, they really care for people and the environment. For many of us during our 'purest' years at University etc, also had dreams to 'Save the Environment or Help Starving People'. Sadly we became disconnected from our dreams as the real world of mortgages, jobs, young family etc stole them.

Tom, Kate, Mark & Michael however are still young, passionate and are both still holding on to these dreams. These dreams however could only be a matter of time before the real world destroys them ... unless we help give them strength and 'the rocket fuel' to carry on doing good. WHAT IS THIS ROCKET FUEL? The rocket fuel is a simple 'Well done Tom!' Well done Michael! Well done Mark, Well Done Kate! It is that easy, lets all post "a well done to them."

Michael, Kate, & Tom are going to go on to do many more great things, so lets help them Believe in their ability to do these things.
So the second thing is in giving $5 pounds to Tom's cause you will let him know he is not alone! We know 5 pounds is nothing! but the pain is that it takes time to find the credit card and put in a few numbers into a online form, don't worry - the payment is secure and credit card safe. Also just because someone someone you you may know puts in $20 pounds and you only have $5 don't worry - you can donate without telling people your details. Tom has taken the initiative lets help him! Please Donate at

More Info:
A BLIND CHILD MIRACLE - LETS HELP TOM GET THE CATARACT SURGERY! where most charities waste money Tom will deliver 100% to help a blind orphan 'Dede' see for the 1st time ever. The kids at the Lombok Blind Orphanage only get only 17 cents for three meals per day and Tom is wants to change this so lets help!
The kids all love Tom who was the 1st Westerner to stay at this orphanage. Since Tom's visit we found 8 of the kids with Cataract Surgery will get to see again. Also we have free land on the Famous Diving Islands - Gilli Trawargan and want to build a blind orphan massage & music school and business for the kids where 4 blind kids that only get 17 cents per day could easily raise US$1,000 per week.

With Tom's money the building will start and you can even come and stay and get your free massage!

The blind child in the photo is a very very smart child called Gawi, Gawi needs a friend and sponsor for skin care help. Is their any body out their who would like to directly sponsor Gawi $1 per day?

Well done Michael, Kate, Mark & Tom
Peter Honey NPO Project Coordinator
— with Onny Ekadana and 19 others.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Need of Sumbawa sustainable fisheries management & marine park

WHAT A FOOL! Yup that was me & sadly there were hundreds of days of plunder. The below photo was a third of a 44 gallon drum of crayfish that 2 of us caught in less than 20 minutes! It was a house size rock covered in crayfish, just bristling with feelers like pine needles. Now we get cray fish by the few all because of a mis understanding to how fragile these populations are. New Zealand is lucky though & is blessed with a fairly good sustainable fishing system, sadly the rest of the world isn't and the plunder in some my project areas are getting closer to un fixable. I have been part of & seen some horrific changes to the Bay of Islands - it has changed so much in only 25 years. Positively the 'Kiwi fisherman mentality' in most cases is so different now thanks a lot to TV fishing shows that deliver more understanding and the bravado is more sensible. People are really starting to care so much more in recent times and social media is sprouting so many groups that are out there doing good stuff.
Sadly in poor countries like Indonesia they are desperately behind. Our new Sumbawa sustainable fisheries management & marine park project hopes to help thousands from a bleak future.
Very soon we will have places for people who care to come and stay for free, we will have a big project coordination & support facility so if volunteers want, we can empower people to do their very own environmental research or people helping small project. If you have time check out and come for a visit: and also
— with Graeme William Halse.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank you Graeme William Halse

Sri is your very great full Blind Orphan! - Graeme William Halse thank you! This will be a miracle christmas present for her, thank you and the Foy and Halse team so much for helping the kids and sponsoring A$450 for one of our 3 blind orphans for their eyesight restoring surgery. Together with Martin Honey we now have surgery for 2 of the kids with 1 to go for our proposed mid November surgeries.

THE BLIND ORPHANS: Of 30 very poor blind orphans eight with surgery will hopefully see again. These kids are some of the strongest most positive kids I know and get 17cents per day for 3 meals, they are very deserving of help. I am really looking forward to the videos of these kids seeing for the 1st time ... :)