Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mahsyar blind orphanage in need of help

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A MIRACLE for someone, this could be it.
I will even share a video of your miracle of orphan Zac or one of his 7 friends opening their eyes & seeing for the first time, the next day after their surgery.
Dear Sir Madam, 2 Weeks ago I found an amazing blind orphanage in Lombok that needed help. The Orphanage was set up 30 years ago and run by a famous blind singer 'Mahsyar' but he has recently had a stroke and is now struggling to feed his 30 blind Orphans. See website I made about Orphanage:

!! These guys are only getting 17 cents for three meals per day !! plus clothing from government! This is no where near enough even in Indonesia.

AMAZING AMAZING NEWS: I got the wonderful John Fawcett to send his amazing Eye specialists in from Bali to check out the children. .. and 8 of the children could very likely see for the first time for the sake of simple cataract surgery !!! This is fantastic but is sadly too expensive even at $438 which is what the John Fawcett foundation needs to so as to do the surgery to the children. The $438 cost is for the anaesthetics that are required to keep the pain low and child still. The actual surgery costs John will do for free.

I need a bit of help with this and would warmly welcome anyone print off the belo PDF link - poster and pin them up everywhere in an effort to get friends and work colleagues to come together to put some small money together to create a miracle.

A day after the operation I would love to share what will be an amazing video with you and other friends, of your sponsored child seeing for the first time!

Thank you all so much Peter Honey
Text or call me on 021998198

PS Here is a PDF for those that want to help
— with Onny Ekadana and 18 others.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Brainstorming on manta ray 'Sea Sanctuaries'

Great Evening & even better whisky with Andrew & Steve from 'Sea Sanctuaries' brainstorming the Manta, Dugong, Shark & Dolphin killing problem in the Lombok Komodo Region. A region that very likely could be hold worlds largest Manta Ray Populations. Why do the Chinese like medicines that always need endangered species?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tom Gammage's visit of Tanjung Luar fish market

Words cannot describe how shocked Tom Gammage was after visiting the world renowned Tanjung Luar fish market on the 1st September.
ive been really busy
After working with Peter Honey at our new "Dugong Village' ( I decided to take a visit to the infamous fish market in the East of Lombok, Indonesia to take an inside look at how true the rumours were, and exactly what they were extracting. On a DAILY BASIS an AVERAGE of 20 large sharks, 3-5 manta ray and many more smaller sharks are caught; not to mention the dolphins, dugongs and other rare and protected species. We decided to document these horrific and largely illegal fishing practices and bring it to a worldwide audience in order to help bring this to an end. We are creating an edited video and several photographs from the day which will be released and posted soon, and will be sharing it through numerous networks. These photos are just a small glimpse of the truly shocking fishing activity that is going on at Tanjung Luar Market - located in the heart of one of the most biodiverse regions of the world. Watch this space for the upcoming video.
— with Liam Faisey at @ Tanjung Luar.

Blind orphanage project

FINALLY AFTER A YEAR TOMORROW I FINALLY GET TO MEET A BLIND BOY THAT I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF. A year struggling with Ani Budjen's project ( was killing me with difficulty, and I had to put this project on hold. At the time I was disconnected from good charities, resources, and people like Mark Izzard and others, and also we couldn't really utilise our talented NPO team that so want to help. (This has know changed) On my priority 'do list' was to track down this young blind boy and to see if there was some skin medication or something we can get for him. I visited 'the blind orphanage a day or two ago but missed him so tomorrow is the day! Man, have I got a story to share - a story full of fun and sadly disappointment - it also has lead me to meet one of my new super heroes - an old not so well blind man who is a Indonesia famous 'Stevie Wonder' Abdul is his name and he set up this amazing but poor kids blind orphanage . More in the next day or two.
Also Ani manage to raise $100 which we will give to the young boy tomorrow for starters.( Liana Ma - Sam Honey - Stacee Harris Honey - Mark Mark Baldwin - Kate Thompson - Kate Frost - Robyn Carter - Ryan Rabidou - Lord Michael John.