Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forgotten children of Lombok

This is a project that is very dear to me and I would love for anyone to share this. Forgotten Children of Lombok: These are photos taken over the last 2 weeks & we are digging up a lot of really sick children who have never seen doctors and are working on government paths to get them to government doctors, some sadly may not be able to be helped - but my goal is that they should not pass hungry or in pain. These kids and their mums and dads are the poorest of the poor and I am setting up $28 monthly food parcels or 'less than a dollar a day type funding for a years trial. $28 buys a huge food parcel that includes a gas bottle for cooking. The food, soap, gas etc is delivered monthly to them for free on a small truck by some very very caring Indonesian young people so we can get 100% of funding to our children. Thanks to new technology & face book we can also create a very transparent feed back loop with photos, videos, messages etc of their activity so that donor's can get monthly thank you's & feed back. One of my past problems has been that in sending a $28 per month donation had a bank transfer fee of $25 leaving just $3 - I will soon have our trust set up and we will be able to send blocks of donations across which attract a only one off $25 fee for all. Love to hear from anybody or work groups who would like to trial this for a year with our new organisation. The last photo came in 40 minutes ago which has prompted my post. Message me here on FB or email Thank you

Saturday, April 26, 2014


PRIORITIES: fridge - toilet block / showers - mattress - lots of tools - dive gear. Awesome progress. Finding so many other important projects to work with, and importantly experienced and passionate people. Thanks very much Joe Sharman for the bed & and Andrew Taylor for the head ache
Back to planning ...

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Roofs are on so it looks like a roof shout mmmm I think my builders are muslim so it will only be me & Eka 'damn'. We now have 3 of our big buildings up and 3 small bungalows, this week is our design stage so lots to think about. AND + + we have good water and power. The location is only 200 meters from a stunning beach, restaurants, dive shops and lots of nice people - already have volunteers arriving and 'a lot' of sick kids to organise help for - so we are on the ground running.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Discovered yesterday. Our new NPO manager - Michael arrived ahead of me a month ago and found Sasha yesterday. While working on our Outbound Rinjani, Gili T Base, Blind Orphanage, Pira & Sumbawa and our many other projects, he has discovered many kids who are in similar or worse situations as Sasha who's parents are too poor to see a doctor. At last I am off in 1 week for 3 months to set up our bases. in time we will soon have accommodation for you or friendswho may want to join us on our new NPO Projects Gili T Volunteer Resort & Projects Coordination Base. ICFW
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