Friday, July 5, 2013

Presenting the Outbound Rinjani project

NEXT PROJECT OUTBOUND RINJANI a 1st to Indonesia - Mountain Outdoor Adventure Lodge for Lombok Scouts & Village Kids.
"We have a Government Hotel and in July we will starting converting it into a Mountain Outdoor Education Camp for Local Poor Kids & Travellers. We want to annually deliver thousands of poor Indonesian kids a '3 day dream adventure' to climb their regions sacred Mount Rinjani Volcano, to spark a love for nature, and to do so for under $10 per person or Free!'

The Goal: Our goal is to host 120 scouts / kids every 3 days. The local region alone has 30,000 local scouts, also Universities & schools.
Soon we will be inviting groups & people to be a part of our local Indonesia advisory team. While we have a manager, we would love to have assistance from a western advisory manager to help setup our adventure equipment with top-rate safety in mind. We need a support group like Rotary or a Corporate Partner to help with financial backing.