Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ani Budjen's Facial tumor

Ani is coming to New Zealand to have her facial surgery with Doc Izzard done in July - August for 4 to 5 weeks! The whole thing is very daunting and for her & to simply get on a plane and fly down here to NZ is a pretty scary thing.
It would be great to get a whole lot of Kiwi's and others to help her confidence and give her some "GO GIRL" Face Book support. Her face book address is
http://www.facebook.com/ani.budjen?fref=ts ... make her a friend!
Also we are a bit stuck for a bit of accommodation for a few days. If anyone has a bit of room to host her for a few days in Auckland, if any one can help please let us know.
THE OUTWARD BOUND RINJANI PROJECT: getting close, hopefully good news soon

UPDATE 3 July 2013
Ani's 2nd Surgery, Hi Biff (and the many people who have offered support & supporting Ani's Flights, Hospital Surgery & all the long work over the past year) Wow - 2nd surgery complete and 95% done - Dr Mark Izzard & his team are impressive, grafting parts of nostril.
Time to relax & see a bit of NZ now ...

UPDATE 6 August 2013
STITCHES GONE: another big thanks to Doc Mark Izzard and all his very supportive team.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fixing kitchen of blind orphanage

Dallas Jackson-Finn looked arround the kitchen and he has plan on fixing this kitchen...... hope will be soon. — with Peter Honey and 2 others.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kitchen appliances for Lombok Blind orphanage

Today was excuse the pun an eye opener had to prioritise after meeting the these amazing kids in the end we purchased a Fridge ,stove ,water cooler ,washing machine, tooth brushes, tooth paste, 50kg of rice, shampoo ,boxes of noodles, plates,spoons,fans for the rooms, cooking utensils,cooking oil,washing powder,biscuits,cordial....They need new matress,s,pillows,sheets,blankets the rooms need painting and the Kitchen seriously needs to be upgraded - with Peter Honey , Endri Tanjung and Paul Oswald
Blind orphanage - Lombok my new best mate Abdul Gawi who is being sponsored by  Dallas Jackson-Finn
Paul Oswald giving Abdul Gawi his new radio,fridge washing machine etc being delivered.
The guy delivering decided he would drive into a drain..lol — with Peter Honey and Endri Tanjung.

Monday, June 9, 2014

3 Bungalows for Gili T Volunteer Resort

Debs is renavating (lucky us) has kindly donated so much - taking it down is one thing - putting is back up will be fun.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


GOT INDONESIAN BUSINESS HEAD ACHES - this will explain a lot.
Fascinating English / Indonesian Negotiation Styles

I am setting up a foundation and seek to run it as easy & productive as possible and it a way that is in a low conflict free manner that so many Western businesses in Asia get caught up in.

Our foundation centres around an ACADEMY & Gili T Volunteer resort THAT TEACHES HOW TO START & RUN ‘POOR COUNTRY NON-PROFIT PROJECTS’ USING MODERN TECHNOLOGIES. We teach & help trustworthy Indonesians who want to help fellow Indonesians and their environment, and set them up with websites and ways to connect them to funders, resources & supporters and to ensure a trusted feed back loop is created to ensure donors money gets to do what it was given to do. When one studies the charts one releases mixing teams makes things slow going and a endless pain in getting things done.

Thanks to Richard D. Lewis, information the conclusion for us is if we want to get things done at Western pace - we must work in our are of expertise in our way & the the Indonesian Project teams in theirs. So we simply keep the two teams separated but well connected using technology. Simply if you can’t use face book and other communication tools we can’t use you in a coordination roll as the connection is too poor - more on this later.

The book: by linguist Richard D. Lewis, and his best-selling book, “When Cultures Collide,” - leadership styles and cultural identities.
has helped me to ensure I can operate my foundation in the manner & speed I want to.

His book explains a lot on how we think, negotiate and get things done. Language is only the most obvious part of the global communication gap. Different cultures also have distinct approaches to communication during meetings to get things done.

"By focusing on the cultural roots of national behavior, both in society and business, we can foresee and calculate with a surprising degree of accuracy how others will react to our plans for them, and we can make certain assumptions as to how they will approach us. A working knowledge of the basic traits of other cultures (as well as our own) will minimize unpleasant surprises (culture shock), give us insights in advance, and enable us to interact successfully with nationalities with whom we previously had difficulty.”

Well it will never be perfect and even in good teams negation & communication styles vary.

The amazing conclusion for the Indonesian diagram is that they live in a 'Viligism' manner so conflicts and outcomes are non-decisive and lack fast solutionwith little getting done it is a old system that tends not to upset the village harmony or leadership controls.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


GOOD LUCK GAWI WITH YOUR MATHS COMPETITION: What a smile! Gawi's special phone (Roanne) battery overcharged and he was lucky it did not destroy his phone. 11 year old Abdul uses his phone to learn maths and is doing so well that he is in the regions Maths competition against kids 2 years older than him Gawi has also had support from Dr Ganamoorthi who came to Mataram and brought Gawi some special skin creams which Gawi is finding his skin is peeling off less now and is making a huge difference. Michael has been walk abouts around Lombok and we are cataloguing a lot of kids that we will have a lot of work here. Great supporters like Andrew Taylor from Aquadiction Divers and Delphine Robbe at Gili Eco trust who paid for Gawis school fees are making his life better although and we will continue to try to do more for our inspiring young friend. The photos are of Gawi with some good food Michael brought, his new battery & charger and the very important creams from Singapore. Facebook is bringing a whole world of support to Gawi.
(PS we need to get him a laptop if anybody has a second hand one or $300 will get him a new talk pad thing that is perfect for blind kids)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forgotten children of Lombok

This is a project that is very dear to me and I would love for anyone to share this. Forgotten Children of Lombok: These are photos taken over the last 2 weeks & we are digging up a lot of really sick children who have never seen doctors and are working on government paths to get them to government doctors, some sadly may not be able to be helped - but my goal is that they should not pass hungry or in pain. These kids and their mums and dads are the poorest of the poor and I am setting up $28 monthly food parcels or 'less than a dollar a day type funding for a years trial. $28 buys a huge food parcel that includes a gas bottle for cooking. The food, soap, gas etc is delivered monthly to them for free on a small truck by some very very caring Indonesian young people so we can get 100% of funding to our children. Thanks to new technology & face book we can also create a very transparent feed back loop with photos, videos, messages etc of their activity so that donor's can get monthly thank you's & feed back. One of my past problems has been that in sending a $28 per month donation had a bank transfer fee of $25 leaving just $3 - I will soon have our trust set up and we will be able to send blocks of donations across which attract a only one off $25 fee for all. Love to hear from anybody or work groups who would like to trial this for a year with our new organisation. The last photo came in 40 minutes ago which has prompted my post. Message me here on FB or email petehoney@gmail.com Thank you