Thursday, May 8, 2014


GOOD LUCK GAWI WITH YOUR MATHS COMPETITION: What a smile! Gawi's special phone (Roanne) battery overcharged and he was lucky it did not destroy his phone. 11 year old Abdul uses his phone to learn maths and is doing so well that he is in the regions Maths competition against kids 2 years older than him Gawi has also had support from Dr Ganamoorthi who came to Mataram and brought Gawi some special skin creams which Gawi is finding his skin is peeling off less now and is making a huge difference. Michael has been walk abouts around Lombok and we are cataloguing a lot of kids that we will have a lot of work here. Great supporters like Andrew Taylor from Aquadiction Divers and Delphine Robbe at Gili Eco trust who paid for Gawis school fees are making his life better although and we will continue to try to do more for our inspiring young friend. The photos are of Gawi with some good food Michael brought, his new battery & charger and the very important creams from Singapore. Facebook is bringing a whole world of support to Gawi.
(PS we need to get him a laptop if anybody has a second hand one or $300 will get him a new talk pad thing that is perfect for blind kids)

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