Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank you Graeme William Halse

Sri is your very great full Blind Orphan! - Graeme William Halse thank you! This will be a miracle christmas present for her, thank you and the Foy and Halse team so much for helping the kids and sponsoring A$450 for one of our 3 blind orphans for their eyesight restoring surgery. Together with Martin Honey we now have surgery for 2 of the kids with 1 to go for our proposed mid November surgeries.

THE BLIND ORPHANS: Of 30 very poor blind orphans eight with surgery will hopefully see again. These kids are some of the strongest most positive kids I know and get 17cents per day for 3 meals, they are very deserving of help. I am really looking forward to the videos of these kids seeing for the 1st time ... :)

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