Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mahsyar blind orphanage in need of help

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A MIRACLE for someone, this could be it.
I will even share a video of your miracle of orphan Zac or one of his 7 friends opening their eyes & seeing for the first time, the next day after their surgery.
Dear Sir Madam, 2 Weeks ago I found an amazing blind orphanage in Lombok that needed help. The Orphanage was set up 30 years ago and run by a famous blind singer 'Mahsyar' but he has recently had a stroke and is now struggling to feed his 30 blind Orphans. See website I made about Orphanage:

!! These guys are only getting 17 cents for three meals per day !! plus clothing from government! This is no where near enough even in Indonesia.

AMAZING AMAZING NEWS: I got the wonderful John Fawcett to send his amazing Eye specialists in from Bali to check out the children. .. and 8 of the children could very likely see for the first time for the sake of simple cataract surgery !!! This is fantastic but is sadly too expensive even at $438 which is what the John Fawcett foundation needs to so as to do the surgery to the children. The $438 cost is for the anaesthetics that are required to keep the pain low and child still. The actual surgery costs John will do for free.

I need a bit of help with this and would warmly welcome anyone print off the belo PDF link - poster and pin them up everywhere in an effort to get friends and work colleagues to come together to put some small money together to create a miracle.

A day after the operation I would love to share what will be an amazing video with you and other friends, of your sponsored child seeing for the first time!

Thank you all so much Peter Honey
Text or call me on 021998198

PS Here is a PDF for those that want to help
— with Onny Ekadana and 18 others.

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